What do you get if you cross a science geek with a music nerd, and throw in a side of dynamic dance calling sure to get anyone out on the floor? Answer: an accomplished data scientist and pianist/mandolinist who is equally at home teasing truths out of gigantic data sets and making audiences whoop and holler along from the concert stage or the dance caller’s microphone!

Lockdown projects

with Elizabeth Ketudat

with James David Smith

with Dave Wasserman

A note on gender-free calling
I am committed to providing a space in which everyone feels they can dance* – and with anyone else – inclusive of all gender identities and expressions, and sexuality. In my experience, omitting historically gendered roles from social folk dance goes a long way towards this. Unless otherwise requested, I will lead an event without using gendered terms during both dances and the event at large. I call ceilidh dances using positional calling (i.e. in terms of where you are in relation to other dancers), and contra dances using Larks and Robins roles (larks are on the left and robins on the right).
*This of course includes people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds too.