Nerd Bomb

A 48-bar dance for 4 couples in longways sets
Written for the occasion of a wedding of two theoretical physicists.

A1.   Lines go forward and back, lines cross

A2.   Repeat

B1.   Couples 2 and 3 RH star; couples 1 and 4 RH turn partner

B2.   Couples 2 and 3 LH star; couples 1 and 4 LH turn partner

C1.   Couple 1 step down to the bottom of the set, weave in between their own lines back to place

C2.   Couple 1 move to couple 3’s place; others enclose in a circle. Circle L for 8, R for 8. Couple 1 freestyle! Couple 1 retire to the bottom of the set.


For the scientifically inclined, the steps in the dance are intended to represent:
A1, A2. A variable capacitor.
B1, B2. Vortices and field lines.
C1. Path independence of a closed loop
C2. The hydrogen atom.

Seven for Five

A 32-bar dance in longways 4-couple sets
Written for the fifth birthday of The Rant Ceilidh series.

A1.   Long lines forward and back.
Do-si-do partner.

A2.   Hands four RH star.
Circle L all the way.

B1.   Couple 1 face down, others face up.
Balance as a couple. c1 arch under c2; c3, 4 swap with partner.
Balance as a couple. c1 arch over c3; c2, 4 swap with partner.

B2. Balance as a couple. c1 arch under c4; c2, 3 swap with partner.
All swing partners.